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AR15 Upper Parts


Yankee Hill Machine Co Black Diamond Series Forearm, 12.6" Rifle Length,Fits AR-15, Black Finish YHM-9635-DX


Yankee Hill Machine Co Low Profile Gas Block, Pinch Screw, .750", Black YHM-9384


Yankee Hill Machine Co Slim Light Rail Series, Quad Rail, 7.3" Carbine Length, Black Finish YHM-5110


Yankee Hill Machine Co Tactical Charging Handle, Latch Only, Matte YHM-281


Yankee Hill Machine Co Gas Block Riser, Mount, Black, Picatinny YHM-230


VLTOR Gas Block, .750, Black GB-SET750BLK


VLTOR Gas Block, .750, Black GB-CLAMP750BLK


Leapers, Inc. - UTG Model 4, Extended Tactical Charging Handle Latch, Fits AR-15 Charging Handles, Black Finish TL-CHL01


Leapers, Inc. - UTG Receiver Wedge, Keeps Upper Section Snug and Tight Against Lower, Increases Accuracy, Decreases Vibration and Prevents Wear, Red RB-A005