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Tug the Hot-Pull Tab to access the PDW rifle discreetly carried in an adjustable print-proof scabbard that doubles as a laptop and sensitive gear sleeve. The Gamut Backpack front flap can be configured as an external sling to carry larger items while your laptop stays snuggled in its dedicated sleeve. Loads of internal and external [...]

Lighter and quieter” this larger rapid-access” rifle-friendly platform enables you to securely carry more essentials to the job and other pursuits in comfort” confidence and safety. The Commuter Sling convertible front flap quickly transitions from street-credible to active mode” keeping you off the radar until the situation requires otherwise. From space for laptop and hydration [...]

For those days when you just need a little more space” this rifle-compatible sling bag lets you manage unique work and casual loads with adaptable carry options and organization. Rapid access to critical contents partners with secure retention and the ability to quickly adjust the Commuter XL’s appearance to ensure optimal discretion and effectiveness. Features [...]

When you can’t leave anything behind” including your PDW rifle” you can rely on the roomy and robust construction and features built into the Gamut Overland pack to keep your gear at the ready. The main compartment opens 180 degrees for easy loading and gear retrieval and the convertible front flap stows quickly behind the [...]

Grey Ghost Gear Scarab Day Pack, Backpack, Ripstop Nylon. Model: SCARAB Day PackProduct Type: BackpackFrame/Material: Nylon

The Gamut Checkpoint’s sleek styling and an unassuming façade conceal the capabilities  provided in this full-featured rifle-friendly gear hauler. Equally adept on the trail and the street” the emphasis is on efficient organization of an extensive loadout that is easy to access yet protected by subtle pilfer-resistant construction features. The internal MOLLE panel and multiple [...]

Keep your essential everyday gear organized and your CCW readily accessible in a Ready backpack that can change its appearance to keep you under the radar. Tuck the unassuming front flap away for a quick conversion to a different appearance and access to gear loaded on the concealed MOLLE panel. Plenty of slots and pockets [...]