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Doublestar Corp. Doublestar Corp., Phantom Threaded Flash Suppressor, 5/8 x 24 RH, Black Finish JT470


Doublestar Corp. Doublestar Corp., Right Handed Loop End Plate, Black Finish JT345R


Doublestar Corp. Twang Buster, Snaps Into Buffer Spring, Stainless JT140


Doublestar Corp. Low Profile .750 Gas Block, Black Finish DSC750


Doublestar Corp. Superlite .750 Gas Block, Black Finish DSC627


Doublestar Corp. DSC Cayman Flash Hider, 1/2 x 28 RH, For AR15, Stainless Steel DS470


Doublestar Corp. Cloak, Handguard, Black, AR Rifles, 7" DS427


Doublestar Corp. Cloak, 15.5" M-LOK Handguard, Black, Fits AR Rifles, Two QD Swivel Pockets DS423


Doublestar Corp. Extractor Kit, Extractor Spring/Pad/Pin, 3 Gas Rings, O-ring, Black AR790


Doublestar Corp. Bolt Carrier Rebuild Kit, Contains 1 Extractor, 1 Extractor Spring With Bumer Pad, 1 Set of 3 Gas Rings, 1 O Ring, 1 Extractor Pin, 1 Firing Pin, 1 Firing Pin Retaining Pin, 1 Gas Key, 2 Gas Key Screws AR789


Doublestar Corp. Field Repair Kit, Includes Parts Most Likely to Break or Wear, Black AR785


Doublestar Corp. Charging Handle w/Tac Latch, Black Finish AR490


Doublestar Corp. A2 Shorty/Entry Length Buffer Tube, Black, Will Not Fit The Standard Rifle Length Stock, Fits ARFX-E and an ARFX-ULE AR381


Doublestar Corp. A2 Rifle length Buffer Tube, Black AR334


Doublestar Corp. AR15 Lower Parts Kit, 223 Rem/556NATO, Black Finish, Includes Fire Control Group, Fire Control Group Pins and Springs, Bolt Catch Assembly, Magazine Catch Assembly, Front Pivot Pin, Rear Takedown Pin,Takedown Springs (2), Takedown Detents (2), Trigger Guard Pin, Pistol Grip, Screw and Washer, Buffer Detent, Buffer Detent Spring AR270