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Whether your Savage is used for competitive shooting” self-defense or hunting” Savage Arms Magazines will provide perfect fit and reliable feeding in your firearm. Features : Steel Body Material 5-Round Capacity “.22 Magnum” .17 HMR”

Tikka T3 extra Magazines are handy to have in your pocket when hunting or target practicing” as an empty magazine can be replaced quickly and easily by a full one. Simply slip in a full mag and you are immediately ready to chamber another round. Features : Polymer Construction Flush-Fit


Smith & Wesson Full Moon Clip, 9mm, 5Rd, Fits M940, 4 Pk 191410000


Safariland Speedloader, Competition I, 38 Special & 357 Magnum, 5Rd, Charter Arms, S&W J-Frame, S&W M60 Black J-C7


Ruger Moon Clip, 9MM, 5Rd, Black, Fits Ruger LCR, 3 Pack 90460


Ranch Products Full Moon Clip, 5Rd, Ruger LCR, 4 Pk FMCRL-4


Pachmayr Speedloader, 357 Magnum, 38 Special, 5Rd, Blue Finish, Fits S&W J Frame, Ruger LCR, Ruger SP101, Taurus 85, Rossi 68, CNC Machined from Solid Aluminum 02650


Tikka Extended Magazine, Calibers: 25-06 Remington, 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser, 270 Winchester, 30-06 Springfield, 7mm Remington Magnum, 300 Winchester Magnum, 338 Winchester, Black, 5 Rounds S5850375


Smith & Wesson Magazine, 308 Win, 5Rd, Fits M&P 10, Black 432180000


Standard Manufacturing Company Magazine, 12Ga, 5Rd, Fits SKO, Black Finish SKO 02102-5


SDS Imports Magazine, 12 Gauge, 5Rd, Black Finish, Fits SDS CCVT12 S125RDM


Ruger Magazine, 350 Legend, 5Rd, Black Finish, AR Rifles 90694


Ruger Magazine, 338 Lapua, 5Rd, Blue, Fits Ruger Precision Rifle 90683


Ruger Magazine, 300 Winchester, 5Rd, Blue, Fits Ruger Magnum Precision Rifle 90682


Ruger Magazine, 308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor 5Rd, Black Finish, AI-Style 90561


Ruger Magazine, 5Rd, Black, Fits Ruger American Short Action 223Rem/300BLK 90440


Ruger Magazine, 556NATO, 5Rd, Black, Fits SR-556 90428


Ruger Magazine, 308 Winchester, 5Rd, Black, Fits Ruger M77 Gunsite Scout & Precision Rifle 90352


Ruger Magazine, 357 Mag, 5Rd, Black, Fits M77 90345


Ruger Magazine, 223 Rem, 5Rd, Blue, Fits Ruger Mini-14 90009


ProMag Magazine, 556NATO, Fits AR-15, 5Rd, Black Finish RM-5


ProMag Magazine, 223 Rem, 556 NATO 5Rd, Fits AR Rifles, Black COL19


Magpul Industries Magazine, PMAG, Magnum Long Action Calibers, 5Rd, Fits AICS Long Action And Hunter 700L Stock, Black Finish MAG698-BLK


Magpul Industries Magazine, PMAG, Standard Long Action Calibers, 5Rd, Fits AICS Long Action And Hunter 700L Stock, Black Finish MAG671-BLK


Magpul Industries Magazine, PMAG, 308 Win/762NATO, 5Rd, Fits AICS Short Action, Black Finish MAG549-BLK


Kalashnikov USA Magazine, 12 Gauge 3", 5Rd, Black Finish, Fits KS-12 KS12MAG5


Kahr Arms Magazine, 40 S&W, 5Rd, Fits MK40, Flush, Stainless Finish KS520


CZ Magazine, 22 WMR, 5Rd, CZ 455, Black Finish 12010


CZ Magazine, 22 WMR, 5Rd, CZ 452 ZKM, Black Finish 12006


CZ Magazine, Metal, 22LR, 5Rd, CZ 452 ZKM, Black Finish 12001


CMMG Magazine, 350 Legend, 5Rd, Stainless Steel Body, Black Finish, AR Rifles 35AFCE1


Charles Daly Magazine, 12 Gauge, 5 Round, Black Finish, Fits All Mag Fed Charles Daly Shotguns 470.073


Rossi Magazine, 17HMR, 22WMR, 5Rd, Fits Rossi RB22M 358-0002-00


Bergara Magazine, 5Rd, Black, Fits AICS Style Rifles, Short Action BA0002


Ammunition Storage Components Magazine, 6.5 Grendel, 5Rd, AR Rifles, Black 5-65-SS-BM-BL-ASC


Ammunition Storage Components Magazine, 450 Bushmaster, 5Rd, AR Rifles, Black 450-5RD-SS